Sunday, May 22, 2005

Long time, so here's a post

Am back from home after another brief sojourn. Unlike many priveleged, i dont have a pc at home. And going to an internet cafe is one of the worst tortures you can inflict upon yourself. They with their cramped surroundings, windows 98 with a 800x600 resolution and no browser other than iexplorer. They remind me of my early lab-1 days here. Yeah, the pcs arent much different. And so so slow! And the pc which had the ip was somewhat a special one. Yeah it belonged to me and another guy. The only pc in that lab to have a 4GB harddisk. All others had 2GB. :D Now, now dont get envious, you dont know the full story yet. That was a pc in which windows must have been installed almost on a weekly basis. Forget linux. It was an achievement to get windows running on it. Many a time, once the os was succesfully installed and the pc seemed to be sort of working, my dear pc-partner used to discover some viruses in some files and duly delete them. Many a time, it happened that those files were critical for the os to run. And the unwary me, would come to lab, switch on the cpu, wait for an hour for it to boot, diligently stare at those welcome screens, and just when it is supposed to show the task bar, the whole screen would go blank, and i am presented with this message - "Its now safe to turn your computer off" :-s.

Well before going home, i had these visions of relaxing for four days, regroup my energies and come back with a refreshed soul. Now that, those four days have passed and i am back here, i wonder what happened. I dont feel a lil bit of difference between me-'four days back' and me-now. Spent all the time at home either sleeping or watching movies on tv.

One night, was reading some magazine sitting in front of the tv when i heard the words lion and cheetah in the same sentence. Looked up to see a programme on animal planet. A cheetah was trying to distract a lion, (according to the narrator) and it seemed so. But why? The cheetah could only go that much near the lion and the lion would just roar it away. The lion was searching for something and the cheetah was trying to hinder the search. Nope, not for prey, lion was searching for the cheetah cubs, and the cheetah mother trying to lead the lion in the wrong way. Finally the lion found one cub, killed it, and went in search for another. The cheetah was helplessly standing a little away. Another cub becomes a victim and finally the lion goes away. The cheetah then goes to check if any of her litter survived the lion-onslaught. Yep, two did. two died. And why did the lion kill the cubs? Strangling the competition before it became real. It didnt want too many cheetah eating into the available prey in the area. Now we know whom to blame for the decreasing cheetah population.
Saw another similar programme which was about a group of lion cubs trying their claw at hunting. It was pretty funny. In one incident, the cubs some 5-6 of them chance upon a bunch of monkeys walking on the ground. And the hunt starts. One particular cub chased a monkey, which climbed the first available tree. The cub thought it was a kitten and followed the monkey. But it only went up half the distance that it started sliding and fell in an haphazard way on the ground. Now the monkey was the boss. It started throwing twigs and stuff at the cub, who had to retreat unable to bear the onslaught from above. In another incident, the group of cubs tried to attack a herd of buffaloes. But they really regretted their choice. A buffalo with its large horns turned around and started chasing the lions-cubs. It was so funny, the buffalo coming after the cubs. It really frightened them, finally the mother had to come to drive the buffalo away.

Facing the imminent danger that i may keep blabbering, i publish-post and logout.


Persephone said...

Hehehe o well...happy rambling's real fun sometimes, isnt it?

mythalez said...

sure is :)