Saturday, June 04, 2005

Supposed to sleep, so i blog ...

blogging has been quite infrequent in these holidays. Just four posts in the month of may :o. But, how does it matter :)
My mind is quite alert and happy to be awake. My eyes pain as if some thorns have replaced those cones in the retina. Eyes, that reminds me of spectacles. 12 years, from the time they opened in this world (hindi filmy??) my eyes had been sharp and great. Many times, i had been summoned to search for that fallen minute thing on the floor, an earring, a screw etc etc. Then, i found the world around me getting blurred gradually. In that unlucky 13th year of my life, i got my spectacles, with powerful lens, -3. Yeah, in my case the eye-lens-power saga started from -3. Many people may strive for years yet not reach this coveted figure. But i kick-started from there, and now have doubled it, almost. These 8 years, the spects have become an inherent part of me. Travelled through all those shapes, huge rectagles, oval, large rectangles, squarish, thin rectangular, plastic lens ... never tried those darkening ones though.
Well, the thorns, i mean the cones are intensifying their protest, i better heed their cries. Keep the spectacles on the table, jump into the bed and sleep another fitful sleep.


Persephone said...

Ah! my appointment with the eye doc..damn! i've been postponing it for a while now. 'm suppsoed to wear my glasses too but i havent been. not right no? tsk...i will, one day soon! :)

mythalez said...

visit your eye-doctor. Wear your glasses. Eat your carrots. :p