Monday, June 20, 2005

Confused yet fine ...

Thats how my state of being seems to be. Confused about what? No idea. Just that the whole day i have been doing nothing, seemed capable to do nothing. Lazed around trying to figure what was wrong. The result.. nothing. Why is it that sometimes everything is fine, no troubles, no problems, no tensions, yet you do not feel good. You are surrounded by people, but you seem to be lonely. But no one can tell that anything is wrong because there is no change in your behaviour. Everything is fine but you arent.
The playlist comprises of the whole hindi songs directory. Hence, listened to a lot of songs which are actually good that i forgot ever existed that too on my pc.
What else ( thats the title of the song currently being played, in hindi ofcourse)
Lost into oblivion.
Life is good but can be better :)


agastyabhrata said...

Life is good but can be better?

With the description that you gave it doesnt sound so good, more or less i was feeling the same this afternoon. Thats it. Nothing more. Though there are lots of things which i cant put in words now. Brain is not functioning and mind has gone mad.

Persephone said...

Ah, just one of those things. Checklist
Did you spend the whold day doing nothing? dangerous...
when was your last break?
are you in love? :)

...and so on and so forth!

mythalez said...

@sage, somedays r jus so ... :P

1. Yeah, i spend the whole day doing nothing ..
2. I think i m on a break, or am i ?? *looks around confused*
3. Love? me? No.
and so on and so forth .. :P

Persephone said...

Ok diagnosis: get up and get moving! do something, anything!! probably the Sitting-Around-Syndrome...and believe me, it F***s up your head!