Thursday, June 16, 2005

June 16, 2005 AD

This is the third time tonight, that i logged off, with thoughts of going to the hostel, only to return to the lab and sit in front of this pc again. Once it was because, i thought i got an idea to solve the problem. The second time it was because my mind was assaulted with thoughts coercing it to try another trick on that program. The third time had nothing to do with my mind or thoughts, it is the rain which has pushed me back to the lab. But yeah, the weather is awesome, especially after the horrible summer that we had to suffer. So, after a long time, i am blogging in the lab.
I actually felt like blogging in the evening, but then it struck me that the blog anniversary must be somewhere around this time. I checked and it turned out to be the next day, i.e today :D.
So, thats it, 365 days have passed since i first blogged.
Thanks Akshay for introducing me to the Blog-world.
Thanks Simeen for giving me various tips.
Thanks Pati for popularising my blog.
Thanks Rastogi for idolising my blog :D.
Ofcourse, thanks all readers for wasting your time reading my ramblings.
Hey, wait a minute, why should i thank the readers ?? Shouldnt it be the other way round?? Shouldnt they thank me for maintaining this wonderful blog that provided them with that most useful way to waste time when they were too bored to do anything else??
After all the thanks are exchanged, ... lets continue.
Thats where this post was saved as draft. This is the first time that a post was not finished in one sitting. The break came because Su was good enough to come to lab to pick me up and take me to the hostel on a bike. Hence, Thanks Su :)
More than required grtitude for one year; this post ends here.

PS: This is the 117 Post. :)


Persephone said...

Ta daaah! Congrats yo! And a Big Thank You for maintaining this blog and helping me (in your words) waste my time...which is something i've grown to like thes days! *blesses you and your blog* may you live a 100 years together! hehehe

PlayBoi said...

happy bday to u

(this is not for u dodo .. this is for the blog of urs :D )

PS: bull****, if u think we are gonna thank u :D

agastyabhrata said...

Happy Blog Anniversary fellow.

And I thank you for introducing me to the bloggin world.

Of course thank you for all the reasons that you mentioned.

Sagar Rastogi said...

Belated happy birthday! (to your blog) and Thank YOU for introducing me to the world of blogging.

gAMe said...

Well dood .... My blog's B'day is gonna be on 25th June ... :) well I mite be leaving on 24th morning so mite rite smthing b4 that ... well keep wasting time to create something which makes ppl waste time exponentially....c ya arnd mate

coolcat said...

mhee hee. You're walcome Podo. My blog b'day was sometime in April but i didn't give it much thought :-s. But its public blog bday is somewhere in August. Bah. Me no care much. And hey, I should get some credit too for popularizing your blog ... at least in the GH!

Many happy returns of the day :D

mythalez said...

@persephone, Thankyou and Welcome ^:)^

@playboi, Thankyou (not frm me, this is frm the blog) :D

@agasthyabhrata, Thankyou and Welcome, welcome for all ur thanks :)

mythalez said...

@Rastogi, Thankyou and Welcome... but er, did i introduce u to the world of blogging?? really??

@Surya, You wants bumps on the bday nite ?? :P

@Coolcat, Me also didnt notice it until i read a blog anniversary celebration on some blog... My blog will celebrate its bday only once a year :P, And yeah thanks ^:)^

Golden Words said...

horrible summer i know, granny was saying that temperatures were around an average of 42!!Ouch!

And you are welcome BTW! and hey happy anniversary!