Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Long night ...

Yeah, i am back to form i guess, being awake until so late at night that it actually merges into the morning rays.
Have a lot to convey, but do not understand what it means. Feel something but cannot place what it is... Had a long discussion with Pranav, but i remember it as a monologue. Am listening to a song but not hearing the lyrics. am shivering but enjoying the cold wind.
Am writing a post, but dont know what it is about.
I took the first C-programming lab class today. Yeah, am a TA again ... though it was the first tute, it didnt feel anything new. I guessed i really got used to taking lab classes now especially after the rigorous training provided by the previous sem's TAship.
Who thought of 'ship' as a way of converting objects into the nouns which depict the abstract notions that the objects are based on. In short, who thought of creating the word 'friendship' from friend ??
Its four, time for bed :D


agastyabhrata said...

And guess he shall remember it as a second rate work... and you know the context

the-think said...

ship? coz two or more people travel together and hold to it for dear life...and fall off it and almost drown for a while? :)

mythalez said...

@sage, Hmm, that conversation has left many open questions :(

@persephone, (Yeah will always call u persephone :P) could be ... :)