Friday, August 12, 2005

Is a Title required??

It wont be conveying anything about the subject matter anyway. So, the unique concept of No-computers day was held. Am not sure about its success though. Yeah quite a few people did shut down their computer, headed out of rooms etc. But it has not been the success that would have been liked by the people behind the idea. Yeah, its just 2 now and i have started my computer again, 2 and half hours before schedule :D. I had plans of sleeping in the evening, preparing for gre and many such things but what i did was totally away from these lines. Well, anyhow ...
Coming back to the special day, if some big event or atleast many small events had been organised then maybe it would have made more people move away from the intelligent box. Yeah something called cultural night was organised, but i dont think it can qualify as a grand event, atleast not if it is organised in the Old-library seminar hall.... I seriously think the rooms require some unique names. What ever happened to the name-the-hostels drive .... What ever happened to DF !! Whatever will happen to the servers ... with smr quitting and ./nir contemplating the same action ...
By the way, one cool thing was that they did not try to enforce the speciality of the day by say shutting down the servers, closing the labs etc. Leaving the choice to the students means that they assume the students to be mature enough. Which is great ... hope that someday they also remove the compulsory 25 day meal system ... :)

Just saw a pic of mine in the first year ... and i just couldnt believe it. I looked like a school kid literally !! Then i used to think it was an exageration when people remarked that i looked like a kid, but now i know it was true .... Hopefully not anymore :D

As a drooping flower,
soon to wither away,
you were a solitary weeper
your whole world was grey ( this line stolen oops inspired from mltr :D)

Your life was pointless,
with nothing to hope for.
you couldnt care less
you wanted nothing more.

Just then, as a light ray
piercing the grey clouds,
i walked your way
And then walked away


the-think said...

One day, i'll go back to my college and re-name every building in the campus!

agastyabhrata said...

I thought I commented. I realise I did not - should a comment always make sense???

Rohith said...

Even some of my batchmates started their OS and ITWS assignments on this day stupidly arguing that "we should n't use computer for games on this day but can do programming"

I don't have a computer in my room :P

mythalez said...

@persephone: Will u also be putting nameplates? :P
@sage: It should atleast be logical. :P

@Knight: No Computer Day means No Computer Day :)