Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Nothing in particular

Wow, my tab-key is limping back to life, was thinking of getting a new keyboard after it had gone into coma :D. Life is hell in linux without the tab key ... Made me wonder, why only one is provided whereas we have 2 each of shift, cntrl, alt which i think i use less then the '\t'. So google has released its 'Talk'. All the status messages and many blogs now proclaim this fact. I ask 'so what'. It didnt look any great shakes and i felt the gui sucks and it doesnt have smileys!!, but yeah the voice quality is good.

I have done away with the Robocup post. Two more posts about the tour will suffice now. One would be entirely about the events of the last day which was yes quite eventful :D. And the other would be a general Japan details post.

Am going to install windows again on my pc, and hence i had to go rummage for a FC3 cd. Thats the worst thing about Windows. Assuming itself to be the sole worker on the system. Doing some sort of preparation for gre exam. When will we rise above exams?? Thankfully am in this insti where exams arent the primary factor in life....

And all this brings back to prominence the ultimate question - What do I want from life? My simple answer, I dont know. Another major question that is flashing before my eyes these days - Do i want to do a phd?? Yeah, i have no answer for this as well. Simply am lost in the maze of decision making. Well, lets approach it from the other end of the road. What do i dont want?? I dont want to spend my life in a cubicle. I dont want to work in a place where the topmost guy would never have heard of me. I dont want to work in a place which follows a strict schedule. I dont want to be stuck with one thing for too long (like while doing phd??). I dont want to have any reason to grumble about. :) I dont want to lead an unchanging life. I dont want to be doing many other things too, but am not clear about them as yet.

He came pacing to the trivia
He stood at the fork, deliberating,
He had to take the decision
which prong would he be taking??

Left or right or should he dare
to take the middle untrodden one?
or should he just go to where
he had just from come??

With the deadline nearing, he randomly takes left
It was not a choice but a fling
He felt no responsibility for future
So his step now had a spring ..

He ran towards his goal
Or so he assumed, until
he reached again the trivial
he has to take decisions still!!


agastyabhrata said...

too big a post... think ur last post induced you into writing them...keep going.. i have a lotsa time readin long posts...

Sagar Rastogi said...

nice post da.. btw, y does it seriously bother you if the topmost guy hasn't heard of you? Do you mean that you crave recognition for your efforts more than other things like monetary rewards and a dental plan?

mythalez said...

@sage, the great agastyabhrata complaining about long posts!! strange

@sagar, what i wanted to imply was that i didnt want to be one among the multitudes workin in that company and whose specific presence is easily dispensible

gAMe said...

Hmmm oops I dont have a clue wat to say ... btw u made me think of a post ... so m gonna rite it now .... c ya arnd ...

Sagar Rastogi said...

hmm.. that's interesting. now that i think of it.. I want that too. I definitely don't want to be just one of the multitudes. Yet another thing to add on that long job-wish-list :D

the-think said...

Frost re-lived?

agastyabhrata said...

I rather was trying to pull a leg - last time I did not take a look at your verses - having seen the previous post - hmmm... yes - it does remind me of The Road Not Taken ... good work - Nice to point out that each and every step in one's life is fraught with decisions to make and choices to opt

mythalez said...

@surya, did u write that post or not?

@rastogi, yeah now u see my point.

@persephone, Frost defrosted :P

@sage, u understood the verse pretty well :P