Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sleepless in Seat.. :P

What a really busy day it has been. Started in the morning after very little sleep and i had been busy until like late evening. Thankfully, the rest of day has been peaceful and relaxing.

Sometime in the afternoon, i was talking with the VJ of SSMusic, His cameraman and other crew were around, we were the only people in the delab, and then this happens:
HE barges in, pushing doors making noise. We (I n VJ ) look up.
HE: There is a seminar going downstairs, you all go and attend. (he barks at us).
I and VJ look at each other bewildered. I wonder why would he want the music channel crew to attend the seminar!!. Vj grasps the situation and replies
VJ: Sir, I am not a student here.
I lol in my heart. HE doesnt seem to understand.
HE: Go to seminar.. (this time his focus is the guy beside the camera)
I: Sir, these people are from SS Music, they have come here to interview.
HE: Oh, YOU are student right!! GO to seminar.
I go to the seminar and they will what film the empty lab?? With that, thankfully, he goes away with the same buzz that he came in and we resume the conversation. You have to imagine it with the actual accent to understand what i felt then. =))

The template of more than 10 mails i recieved today:
i deleted the mail with my password that you sent me.
please send me the login id and pass word"
Yeah, i have diligently solved all problems :)

Having to think about what next to write!! Thats against my blogging ethics. So this post ends here.


the-think said...

How about something like why i'm always 'Persephone' and not 'the-think'?
Persephone ;)

mythalez said...

Well, thats a good topic, but nothing much to write ... :P

the-think said...