Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy birthday! just 4 years gone ?? :D

Happy birthday to Mythalez's blog, once again! Its 4 years old now... yes people, you have been tolerating this continuous addition to web-scum for so long! The ritualistic statistical update:- 263 posts published (incl this), 1 scheduled and 9 drafts.

Last year Mythalez wrote this post which linked to some posts capturing what he thought was the variety ;) (He is allowed to be arrogantly narcissist on this day :D). Anyway, this year he thought he should make it more 'interactive'. In other words, he requests his dear silly benevolent (that should be sufficient number of pleasant adjectives right?) readers to do the work for him :D. So here goes the announcement --

All my readers ... those who comment often, those who never comment, and all those in between (including those who never 'read';) ) are requested to comment this time, and select one of my posts which they like the most. There is no other criteria. A link to the post would be awesome .. but dont worry if u cant find it or are too lazy to try .. just a line or two on what it was about is okay too :D. Also, It would please me to know who you are .. but in case you are extremely protective of your secrecy, an 'anonymouse' comment is welcome too .. or if your need for secrecy borders on paranoia, then you might as well just mail me the post/your-identity or both @ mythalez at :P.

Mythalez intuitively feels that instead of choosing the best post, the annoyed and sufficiently tortured readers would either chose a bad post or not choose at all (which is worse!) .. please dont do that :-ssss :D.


Jags said...

1. Unaccounted Flowers, Sci-fi thriller.

2. The posts after a long hibernation period which yell out - "Back with a bang".

3. Entrepreneurial post of the year - LIVE MORCHA.

Jags said...

BTW ... Happy Birthday or should i say Hah-pi Biy-th-day [Irish :P]

obelix said...

for some reason my comments on the last two posts haven't made it ...

anyway the best post was the one about the girl on the subway or train or some story like that ... i am too lazy to get the exact link ...

Anonymous said...

I'll call all of your fiction the best, including the one obelix mentioned.
Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

damn you dood! your blog is just 13 days elder to my blog, and since every year you write a "Happy-Birthday Blog" post, I skip writing one... :(

as for your best post, how can I disappoint you? when you expect "tortured readers" not to choose any post, how can I choose one! so I choose the option - the best is yet to come :)

skp said...

I don't like you !
I don't like your blog either !

And more damning you, I started on 24th June so don't you bully me and ask for fav posts and stuff !! Huh

Vandana said...

long live mythalez :P

the posts I liked the most are: (Both parts)

and blame it on these posts that i keep asking you if u have a GF :P

Vamsi said...

Yappy Birthday....

pranav said...

I want to say that I like this post titled:
what can I do next week? Go home! :D

Hellboy said...

ur story with a gal .. asked u some address .. accompanying her.. blah.. blah .. cant forget .. literally waited fr the sequel just to get disappointed :( .. but tht was awesome imagination :D ..

the-think said...

Facade - Nov 18 2007.
Just because it was written when you weren't thinking clearly. And the words show that...clarity of the slightly drunken sort, was that it?
There might be many more, but the 4 year timeline makes it difficult.

Happy anniversary.
And yes, I'm not leaving any more of an identity than I usually do :)

Su said...

Just as your blog still hasnt been an awarded a PhD

Aravind Krishna K said...

happy bday to ur blog.. but its high time it retires and saves the world.. (ur phd will be done faster too) :P

Aravind Krishna K said...

my fav post is.. some post that has a poem with these lines.

... i wanted..
reading this poem
a good many fainted !

after that i stopped reading ur blog :P

Balakrishna Chennupati said...

I liked reading your "stupid" tag posts, and accounts of traveling and Britain.

Dilip said...

My fav post was the one titled "An Encounter" ( Btw which one is ur own favorite post?

crazy said...

I totally agree with Vandana on this. 24-hr separation and Encounter are the best. I hope you remember our conversations following these posts before you published them :P

Fiction or just a mask ? ;)

Anonymous said...

I am writing this because of the innumerable requests that I got from the author Mythalez. According to his definition the necessary condition for a post being fav is that it should be remembered.

So according to that this is the post - Happy birthday! just 4 years gone ?? :D I remember. So this is my fav.

Happy birthday Mythalez and keep wasting the cyber-space and the Queens money, you know what I mean :).

dutt said...

happy bday to ur blog dude..
and reg fav post --
as arvind pointed out, when ever i came to read one, i felt it was blah! so i felt, the blah post was the one which was straight and to the point..(which i like to be)
so i think i will pick tht as the best (blah) one.

Anonymous said...

I liked the Encounter as it is very close to reality, still waiting for the sequel..i know the story doesn't have a fairy tale ending, but come on, you are over it now.

Argentyne said...

:) Apolozies for the late reply. I like your travelogues and specially your Japan wale posts :)

mythalez said...

@jags, the second choice was surprising :) .. and yah thanku .. hope u enjoyed the celebrations ;)

@obelix, the 'encounter' series you say? .. turns out its the fav of quite a few :)

@karan, thanku .. and blog i shall :D

@kunal, dont u celebrate ur bday just because someone else celebrates a day earlier? go on .. celebrate .. i shall join in :D

@skp, yah i like u too :P

@vandana, thanks for the links :) and remember, they r mostly fiction :P

@vamsi, yanku thanku :D

@pranav, I guess I know why u like that one :P

@hellboy, the 'encounter' series u say ... thanku :D

@persephone, interesting choice ... its pretty dear to me :D .. though I like the one written just before it- 'frozen' :D

mythalez said...

@su, eh u ran away to slave again in the midst of ur comment? :P

@aravind, no .. its bent upon destroying the world :P and great! you like my first ever verse on this blog nice nice :D :D

@balak, lol thanku :)

@dilip, ofcourse u wud like the encounter :P

@crazy, fiction or mask? facade i wud say ;) and yah i do remember our conversations :P

@anony-tejo, atleast someone chose this one :P

@dutt, yah mavaa .. ur choice is blah ... just like everything else ;)

@anonymous, well .. one should not fall into the trap of hollywood and make so many sequels that it gets boring ;)

@argentyne/cc, i was sure you would choose the travelogues :D ...

Anonymous said...

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BullzY said...

"Last post from room 14@Obh"

One of the best posts I have ever read as a IIITian :)

Vivek said...

Happy Budday.
I never read your post, for the reason, i don't like your stupid theme. Too dull.
I did read this one, and commented about time you feel special.

Anonymous said...

Hey tagged you in my new post.. and Btw since when did u started getting 26 comments :P

Yaso Vardhan said...

I liked all ur posts @ iiit :P

Your posts are getting bored when u started Phd :P

Anonymous said...

i like em all :)the poetry more so...

mythalez said...

@manoj, eh? no .. why would i? :P

@bullzy, hehe .. unique choice I must say.

@vivek, theme is dull? but the posts are good (unlike urs :P)

@lifeizlikethat, ever since i started asking for the reader's comments :P

@yaso, well, with phd, my life is unrelated to my readers, so I tend to blog on general topics only :-s instead of personal ones or IIIT ones

@dailyrium, yayy .. i like the verses and the verse-lings too :D

Vivek said...

Below the belt. But of course it's no use telling this to self-righteous you :P