Friday, August 14, 2009

day37 - spruce

finally, we have the pleasure of creating a new directory. and copy files carefully and lovingly :P. yes, the work on the next version of the the-sis has begun!

and i chose chapter 3 for the honours. it had the least number of comments and Nr had even praised it. yeah, it is an extremely rarely occurrence of Nr appreciating my writing. in fact, anyone's writing i think ;).

also, didn't have to stalk Nj for his set of comments. luckily, found him in a nearby bay, discussing something with some student and waited patiently with a keen eye for him to get ready to leave and then caught his attention and then put forward my demands :D.

done with chapter 3 and then turned the attention to chapter 2 aka Related Work. it is always the most hated part of anything i write. somehow. even just revising it seem to be quite annoying :D and that made me quit for the day.... lagging quite behind in the revision process


thread said...

captcha: styris

aprameya said...

who is thread?

why is he/she copying my style of writing the captcha in the comment?

does he/she have money?

can i sue him/her to fund my new zune?

and the captcha is so appropriate

the giver of windows

obelix said...

the above comment was by obelix

mythalez said...

@paccha, thanks for the info :P

@obelix aka aprameya, thread is paccha aka pj aka prashant jaikumar aka rmstar aka thread :P the rest u ask him, o' winprovider :P