Wednesday, August 19, 2009

day42 - the bolt and the blue

soon the day will come when this blog will tire of these pathetic thesis posts and rebel against the author. it will not let him login, not let him add more of his asinine daily commentary onto the burgeoning web. it will try to banish all those incongruous posts and hope to go back to its original state of bliss. and it might fail and fade into oblivion. or i might finish with the thesis before the blog loses patience with me. let us hope for the latter :P.

revision of chapter 4 wasn't tricky. well, almost. all of it was done except for the example part. yes, we are back to struggling with the infamous examples. we need to extend the running example to explain this part of the thesis as well. i knew it was coming, even while i was writing this chapter and consciously ignored to add the example. and now i will have to do it .. tomorrow?

also started the revision of chapter 5 aka Empirical Evaluation. most of the comments seem to be "why" or "justify". blah, i say.


obelix said...

the example should evolve empiriccally


the-think said...

Brilliant idea: why don't you post the days saying "Day [blah] of [blah] days". You know, like Day 42 of 60 days?
I need some rest... :)

thread said...

the d0d0 could learn from its evolving examples.. how about learning to fly, birdbrain?

crazy said...

Yes, your blog is going to get tired. Very soon.

mythalez said...

@obelix, no more time for experiments or evolution :P intelligent design is the way ;)

@persephone, deadlines are not set for thesis writings .. its blasphemy :P

@paccha, nowadays, even pigs fly .. so whats the point? :P

@crazy, yes yes indeed :P

ghost said...

excellent excellent :D