Tuesday, August 18, 2009

day41 - on the run?

i took a skewed weekend break, that is, friday and saturday and half of sunday. no, i didn't sincerely go to lab on sunday afternoon, but i did make attempts towards work and revise some of the second chapter aka Related Work. however, i was being too lazy and too smart for my own benefit and skipped most of the tough comments and tackled the straightforward bits only.

that meant, my work today turned out to be much larger than it looked. the morning was anyway devoured by references for the camera ready version of the workshop paper. an annoying issue i cant care to elaborate :P. and the afternoon, this chapter was revised to what i now hope is 'almost' perfection'. and attention can now be focussed on chapter 4 aka Adaptation.


thread said...

@d0d0: u shd tell us anonymous cowards hide behind our pseudonyms
@obelix: sue me .. btw captcha: sepocri ;-)

thread said...

ballycla .. 3 strikes

mythalez said...

@paccha, since when did u start using vim paccha? :P

my captcha is argoit :P

obelix said...

@thread - me needs to find a good lawyer

andd btw i eat kaju barfi while writing this