Thursday, November 04, 2004

A few days more

Another day and my exams would be over. Not that i had worked for them or anything, yet just for the relief. The rest of this post has nothing to do with exams.
Two more days, hopefully. Will it be how i thought it would be? Dont know. Thought about it a lot of times. Had a lot of apprehension whenever i imagined about it. But now, when it is so near, i feel somehow calm and content. This is usually the case. Actually now i have even stopped thinking about it. Just waiting for it. Also started having second thoughts about whether i really want it. Or should it deferred? Deferred! Something for which i had been waiting for so long. Deferred!! What am i thinking? Am i not ready for it? How else can i be ready? Ofcourse i was not expecting it so soon. I thought it would take some time. But it was so sudden, came to know about it just a couple of days back. Right when i was about to start preparing for Networks. Now that i successfully lost any chance for a decent grade in it, i just hope i dont get a D or anything. Oops, I think i said that nothing in this post will be concerned with exams. Felt quite relieved today, just one more left. Had no idea what to do after the writing the literature exam. So went and talked for some time with the Calculus guy. Then came back to sweet room, tejo too came and we decided to watch a movie. I suggested Collateral and he acceeded after reading the review. Copied the first cd and started watching it while the second cd was being copied. I guess we both werent in the mood to watch a movie. Were looking at the screen passively having no idea of what conversation was taking place in that cab. Finally the second cd didnt copy. No disk space left! Hence we quit watching the movie, not that we were really watching it, but formally announced the demise of the idea of watching a movie. I came back to sit in front of the pc. And now as i am typing this, he is peacefully sleeping on my bed. :)
ps - I had to make a lot of effort to type in correct english and not in chat slang. #:-S