Tuesday, November 02, 2004

A new post :D

Wrote an exam today. It was in two parts. The first one contained 50 1-mark questions which we had to answer in 75 mins. I think i did pretty okay in that. Then came the second part which was open book. We could carry anything we want to the examination hall. But in reality this is just a hint to you telling that you wont find any book helpful in answering these questions. I did take my text and note book. I looked at the questions. Solved on which was for 5 marks out of the total 50 in five minutes. Later i kept staring at the question paper trying to figure what i should do. I searched the book for some time only to realise that it was of no use. So after dilly-dallying for another half an hour, i finally started wrting something. By then just 45 more minutes were left. I completed it, though i am not at all sure whether what i wrote was even remotely connected to what we were supposed to write. Then i solved another problem only to realise later that i had done it totally wrong. Will surely get a 0 for that one. The last question, i had no idea, what was expected. So i did nothing about it.
I am only thankful that hopefully i wont have to attend another class taken by that guy. You can never be sure, he can easily give F to anyone. :(

Three more days and i would have completed my fifth sem in this institure. Too fast i feel. I remember the other day when i had joined the college. What will i do after a year n half ?
Who cares.......me? I hope so. :D

Want to be abstract now but am not in the mood hence this is the end of this post.