Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A journey after 3 years

I am blogging after what seems to be a long time. Have been pretty busy all this time. A new sem has started, registered for courses went to the town for two days, have again become a TA and a lot of other things have occurred.
Went home on 16th night after the registration as we had to leave on the next day morning to the town to attend the ceremony. That was when i realised that i was actually going out of hyderabad after three years :-O Three years!!! The last time i sat in a train i didnt even knew in which branch in would be graduating!! I didnt even know to move the mouse properly then! That is sure a long time.
Woke up early morning on 17th, i didnt feel like i slept at all. So after the initial rush, we were sitting comfortably in the train waiting for the 5 hr journey to begin. Surprisingly the train was full, almost. I expected these two days to refresh me. And i expected it to start in the train itself. Maybe it would have, had i not spent most of the time sleeping. :D
So reached my grandparents place by afternoon. We went out of the station. I was surprised to see so many Autos, a sign that the place was expanding. So my mom asked a rickshaw wallah whether he would take us to my uncle/aunts hospital. I mean thats how we refer to the area where we needed to go. Everyone seems to know them. She asked him (in telugu ofcourse), "will u take us to So n so's hospital??" He said sure and after some bargaining about the price, i had a not so pleasant rickshaw ride. A few roads were being relaid so he took a new route. My mom found herself in unknown territory and asked him where we were, then he said that we were going towards their home!(Thats where we actually wanted to go, but we used to give the hospital which was nearby). So he even knew their home. Finally we reached home. I mean my grandparents home.
A lot of people were there, but there werent as many as i thought would. Not that i knew any. Iknow no one other than the close relatives. But everyone seemed to know me. Even the miniscule minority who didnt know me earlier, would know me now, as i was introduced to them by the other majority. But i knew none, before, none now. I was tired of hearing that i had grown thin, this that blah blah.
I guess they all would have got the idea that i am a studious, aloof, shy kind of guy who just reads books. Well its not my fault. I didnt know what else to do ? The younger cousin, whose house it was, brought a few books out on the first day. So most of the first evening was spent reading goosebumps(i had always wanted to know how they were) and other such children books. The remaining time was spent sleeping. As if all the sleep wasnt enough, i also slept through the night thus missing the actual ceremony for which we had come. :D
The next morning was spent at the new house. (It was a house warming ceremony) So finally returned late afternoon after lunch. The rest of the evening of this second day was dedicated to sleep and His Highness Abdul Kalam. Wings of Fire. Though i didnt complete it as it was looking as if i preferred books to people which was actually true in that case. :D:D
So finally the night, we boarded the train again and i reached sweet hyderabad after two whole days. Afterall, hyd is Hyd. Soon i was back in the institute attending Software Engineering.
I had a few good experiences too. I was pleased to find a few people who were knowledgeable about a lot of things including IITs,IIITs etc. Also there was a nice discussion in which a US returned old man explained to another traditional kind of old man, how people practise their religion and compromise their beliefs according to their ease. His points against superstition were quite good, though now i dont remember any.
Also my Uncle and Aunt are really very sweet people. Etc.
A trip after a long time. Thats what it is.
I am submitting this post without previewing it since i do not have the patience to read such a big and boring post. No idea how you have been able to do it. :P
i have a feeling that a lot of chat-typing style must have crept in this post.