Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Going Home...will be back on net soon

So i am finally going home today, 5 days after my exams were over. I was among the first whose exams were over, and am among the last to leave the hostel. But i will be back soon. Or so i think. My mood may change once i go home. Will sleep peacefully for the next three days, sleep all the time, morning, evening and night. Just 3 more sems left, then i will be an Engineer! I cant imagine. Well, the oh-so silly post that is below this one, to put an end to that ambiguity, well here it is - the whole thing has passed now. It was okay but now i dont seem to have any sort of feelings for it anymore. What am i writing? I am not making any sense. Lets just forget about it. :D
Corrected the papers yesterday night/today morning with considerable help from dilip. I am still here also because of him. He is yet to complete his assignment. Do it soon, i want to go now!
Copying Calvin n Hobbes onto my pc currently. I think it contains all the newspaper issues. Bill Watterson just rocks!!
It finished copying....and that signals the end of this post.