Saturday, January 22, 2005

Perennially exhausted..

what is going on? i know. Threads and Felicity are eating up a lot of my time. For the ignoramous just check out . Any rest of time, i am being left with is gone in a whoosh. No idea where it runs away to. Another project is starting now. The most tough part about a project is to decide the project. Especially when there are no options, when you are expected to come up with the problem statement. A problem statement that no one had thought of before or has not solved before. Lost in all this, i neglected my most important thing. That is my rescue project. Less than a month now to its deadline. And a load of things to do. And the coming days are not going to be any less hectic. Where am i going ??
Atleast have been able to read newspaper these days. Thankfully. So, why did India refuse foreign aid? Was it right in doing so? Well, if we are giving aid to Sri lanka, Maldives etc, then that surely means that we are quite capable of aiding ourselves.
Dean's list released. I thought they had totally done away with it. As is said, Better late than never.
Am i seriously going to hoist the flag? Its actually scary. I was actually bewildered when i heard that. Actually did a double take. On the phone. It went like this -

Her - Invite you to come on the republic day..
Me - Oh sure! teacher...
Her - to hoist the flag..
Me - I ll be comingggggggg
Me - what! did u say hoist ?
Her - Yes, hoist the ....
Me - hoist!!!
Me - what ??

And then she explained the concept which was calling the alumni (illustrous i hope) for hoisting the flag during the Independence and Republic Days. Wow! Hoist the national flag indeed! I dont know from where my school gets these ideas. As if this wasnt enough, she added that i also need to address the students.
Address the students!!!! What!!! I was getting scared by the minute. She tried to reassure saying ," nothing much just a few minutes, no need of any worked upon speech or anything. "
Worked upon speech indeed...
I left the matter there, will think about it later....
Oops got to go now, a lot of work ahead. Need to meet someone now.
When will the day come when i wont have anything to do? Not soon. Not soon at all :((