Thursday, January 06, 2005

Just Blogging

Writing a post now because i felt it would be better than finding out what is an Interval Tree, what is an Segment tree and how they would be useful to solve the assigment. Yeah, assignments already. Lots of them. What the difference then? Nothing. Its always the same.
Threads. The name of the College techfest which is part of Felicity (the annual IIIT techno-cultural festival). Sent a mail to students asking for people interested in organising any events for Threads. Many seemed extremely interested. Hence i got just 25 replies out of 800 students. Tch tch. Well as if that large number is not sufficient, most of them want to organise only the top two online events!! As if the other events didnt exist. Anyways, an hours hard work paid off and most of the events are now proud of their organisers. Just that, i havent informed the soon-to-be-organisers that they have been given so and so event. Before doing that, i need to ask a few personally whether they would be willing to organise so and so event. The rest of them would be informed of their predicatment through the impersonal mail. A mail which wouldnt event contain my name so that they wouldnt know whom to lodge their protest with.
Whatever, i just hope Threads is a success. Lets hope that Threads yarns a success story. :)