Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Rain rocks...

Well, rain really rocks. It feels good to smell it. It feels good to hear it. It feels good to experience it. I do not dread getting wet in the rain. But the irritating part is that if i do get wet, i also almost go blind. All i can see would be blurry shapes. Blurred due to the water playing on my glasses. When will they invent water-repelling glasses ?
Today has been quite a leisurely day. I could even watch a movie: I, Robot (had stored it on my pc for almost half an year now :D ). This leisure is not due to any luck or something of that sort. Its not that i had nothing to do. It was more like i was not capable of doing anything. Didnt have the strength. Just a few discussions related to Threads.
The first 'Threads' poster adorns my wall. It also has the distinction of being the first poster to be put up anywhere. That is the first poster of this year's Felicity which also includes Threads.
Whenever the weather is good like this, with nice cool wind and a rainy scent garnishing it, i feel like going for a walk. But i dont want to go for a walk alone. It gets too boring. But none of my regular walk-mates are around. :(
I have been checking the mail from the afternoon but havent recieved a single one. I think i now qualify as that pc-freak that innumerable internet jokes make fun of. The first thing i do on getting up in the morning is check mail! Before even my eyes are barely open. The first thing i look at when i enter my room is the monitor screen. I think the only time i spend away from a computer is when i sleep. Even that sleep time is decreasing now. But strangely when i go home every weekend, i stay away from anything even remotely equivalent to a pc for a whole day. Yet, i am not reminded of a computer then. Not even once. I guess, my going-home routine helps me stay sane. To think that i hadnt even used a computer a couple of years back. Really, home recharges my batteries because all i do at home is sleep, eat, sleep, sleep, eat and then sleep again. :)
But, when i have a vacation, that is on a longer stay at home, i start missing my room. Not my pc. But my room! I guess i miss the independence that it gives me rather than it's walls and windows.
Well, i looks like i am pretty settled currently. With this room, my home, this computer and my life as such. But it will all change again in a couple of years. A new begining has to be made again.
Something new is what makes something interesting. Anything perennial is boring. But change is what is most feared. Why? Because we fear the unknown. Everyone walks into a new territory apprehensively. Slowly or maybe immediately they get used to it and again start being wary of change.
But something new is what makes something interesting....