Sunday, January 30, 2005

Two sleepless days for Codecraft

So, the day has come. Threads is going to start today. And start in a big way. Hopefully. So, this is morning. The whole night was spent in deciding and redefining the questions. Also went to Nift fashion show yesterday evening. Well, the brouhaha was okay, but i seriously did not quite understand the concept of the fashion as they defined it.
Coming back to Threads. I hope no hiccups would be encountered. Codecraft starts and ends today. Just finished its questions. Cache-in starts tomorrow. Yet to write its story. And nothing much done regarding the other events, which are going to follow these.
A very very very busy and hectic and other such synonymns...week ahead. :). What with Threads starting today and Felicity in a few days, not to mention my perenially stuck project. Have started regarding Felicity and Threads separately these days. Though i had vehemantly opposed the idea of having a separate techfest this time, i think it would be better to have them separate next year. Threads seems to have found its niche. and looking after the techfest is no easy job. Learnt it the hard way. Time to have some breakfast. The sun too has shown his face now.