Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Want to write a long post...

But what should i write in it? Nothing much. Rescue everywhere. One side, is the institute's initiative to help those disaster victims and on the other hand is my rescue project which is in dire need of a rescue operation. I am a witness to my friend's desperate efforts towards collecting money from the students to donate for relief fund. Of the hundred in our class, just more than fifty have contriuted, each an average of around 150. And this high figure of 50 has been achieved due the untiring efforts of my dear friend who used to remind any and every person he met that they are yet to contribute towards the fund. And in the morning he barged into my room and gladly announced that our batch's contribution exceeded 10K. 10K? Just? That would translate to 100 per person! But then again, there are many reasons from the other side mainly that the parents have done their bit etc etc. And its true too. I think anyone would think twice before dontaing their parents money just like that. Thankfully i didnt have to think in similar lines. But then again, maybe the people can contribute by not utilising the money that they generally use it for. Eat in the mess or dont eat at all instead of going to the restaurant and splurging. And i have found that those who havent contributed are mainly those who do the above. Well, the same argument can be held against Felicity. So, my argument is totally wrong. Because i cant forego Felicity. No way!
As regarding the other rescue, well this post needs to end here since i need to start the rescue operations. :)