Monday, March 21, 2005

Is it worth it?

Elections everywhere. The elections for student parliament make some sense atleast. But for the PS post, which i dont understand why anyone would want, the elections are taking a very bad turn. Can see the politics everywhere. It hits you in the face. The Indian politics in a small scale. Groupism, regionalism, favour, bribery, everything for an election among 100 people who have known each other for 3 years. I would say, let them be, whoever is desperate to become. We certainly deserve the politicians we get. Approach people for your committee whom you would not even approach for an assignment, approach them just because they would then influence some people to vote for you. It really sucks. A batch of 92 has to play dirty politics just to get a person to represent them for the job offers. And when, the jobs are almost guarenteed for everyone. And people are being included in the committee not on basis of their ability but rather whether they represent a particular section of the batch..... I no longer like our batch.

Elections for the parliament. Another muck. I am already sick of hearing from a few that the only good point in my team is me. What do they know what pranav has done till now? And, we obviously need some votes from UG1 if we are to win. But the only way i thought it was possible to get some votes doesnt contribute to the well being of that batch. So, to win, we have to campaign strongly, but campaigning strongly may lead to unwanted problems among the batch. So, in short, if the campus is to get better, we are to win. To win, we got to get votes. To get votes, we got to get them from UG1 and UG2. Getting votes from UG1 may lead to divisions in the batch. Our batch was together atleast for two years. I have no idea what i am supposed to do. I no longer seem to be interested in it either. I guess, i dont like to fight without decency. I cant stoop to lower levels just to get a membership in the parliament. But, i believe that the only way the campus and our lives here can be improved (which is really needed) is by us winning the election. What is the point?


Persephone said...

The point is...winning is not everything :)

ironhide said...

This is I guess just the beginning..
Now once placements begin,you will be able to observe the behaviour of your batchmates quite closely...they will without doubt act like greedy dogs when thrown a batchmates did it..I was shocked...I am sure your guys will do it too

mythalez said...

They are already acting so. And there is still a long time before the bone-thrower is to come.

Utkarsh Khare said...

hi rama ,
Nice to know your thoughts on Elections and believe me I am very happy that we have people like you contensting the elections. We need people who understand the importance of good people in parliament and would not sttoop to low levels to win. I appreciate your concerns and would like to wish you all the best .. I hope you guys win.