Friday, March 11, 2005

no one to give a flower to...

No, no, i wasnt walking
i was just floating around
No, no, i wasnt talking
i was only making sound

Sat on the grass dew
without any motive
i plucked a few
and let the rest live

Pressed them together
and held them in my palm
light as a feather
they spread around calm

Chanced upon some leaves
i picked up a few
and then as a tailor weaves
around the grass, i sew

i brooded then upon
this half made creation
what should i put on
to take it to completion?

One flower was white
another was yellow
a mix of red and orange
was the third fellow

and so, i made a bouquet
fresh out of the dew
i had to give it to someone
but give it to who?


arvindiyer said...

Wokay...Arrey..U should have asked me for my address wonly...ok not too late...
(blah blah blah)
shall mail u the address!!!

Kris said...

evariki ivvadamenti ??? mee GF undi ga 2nd year lo.. :))