Sunday, March 06, 2005

A secret in a blog??

If you want to reveal all your innermost feelings, should you do that in a blog? And then expect people not to read it? To ensure that they dont do that, you try to make sure that they do not get the url. But, why write in a blog in the first place? Ofcourse, at some point in future, you would look back, read those posts. laugh at yourself, be surprised, basically get nostalgic. But then, there is always the danger that soneone you know comes across it and realises whose feelings he is reading (could be a she). And then what? How would you feel? Stupid? Foolish? Embarrased is more likely. But then again, a blog is the best place to record whatever you may want to put on record for whatever reasons. So the conclusion of the above discourse is that 'Blogging rocks'.
By the way, the above paragraph is in no way suggestive that i have a secret blog or anything. No queries in that regard will be entertained. The reason, why i do not have a secret blog? Because, i dont think it will remain a secret. So many people frequent my room. And, if i need to maintain a secret blog, then i would be accesing it from my room, and anyone could come across it. But does that mean, that i have some secrets? Hmm. I hope not. But then again, ofcourse i would have some. I hope i am not a clean slate. No, i am not a slate. I am a human being. No!! I dont seem to be able to bear my own stupid jokes!


Anonymous said...

hmm.. so ultimately wat i sed was true.. fker u :D but trustworthy, i hope..

though i feel dat somehow my degree of confidense in u got increased a bit.. :) lucky u haan.. -- Khurana

Pranav said...

Can ever escape from your alter ego?
Don't ever worry. It'll find its own way out :D Actually, your post's title seems to have instantaneously got me to think of a blog named "Analtego" whose description is "Recording my evil thoughts" - hey fellows - I request you not to go for a url with - that is TM registered by me :d