Tuesday, March 01, 2005

No more meddling...

with the template that is. Finally got it to show the blogger comments link, and the haloscan link would be invisible from this post onwards :). Haloscan, it sucks. It provides a good service. Or so we thought. Then after four months, you realise that it gobbles up all your comments. They are apparently stored in their database but wont be shown on site. They will be shown only if you subscribe to their paid service. And this is mentioned only in their faq page. Nowhere else. Very bad strategy. They cant really gain much by trying to con the customer. Customer! Client! No, nothing regarding those terms would be discussed here.
Today (now yesterday) isnt a day worth remembering. Had to quell the frustration that accumulated over time, by going out to dinner. Took the ever reliable Dilip and the erratic Bsnl subscriber Kranthi. Had a nice time which did more than required to while away the so called frustration.
If you win - you have worked hard for it.
but, If you lose - you didnt and dont care about it.
Nice attitude to have, i think. Waiting for the results. Realised that today is the day that they were supposed to have released them. None yet. Even Camel mailed and asked me about it! Whoa! But you cant blame the organisers. After all, Germany is way behind India.
I thought i sometimes write too big a post. But Rao seemed to have broken all records. The blogging phenomena of IIIT is still going strong. I was supposed to have slept by now. So, i guess this sentence has the unique distinction of being the last sentence of this post (i dont know the post number).


Anonymous said...

Dost!! I have no doubts on ur capabilities :-) You can write longer posts than rao .. why dont u try and break some records.. :D m sure that more ppl will read urs -- Khurana