Monday, March 14, 2005

Was supposed to be reading...

some research papers. Got to pick a paper and present it in tuesday's class. And currently, i dont even know my choices properly. Instead of reading the paper, i somehow wandered away to reading my own blog! Read the posts of some two months. Is there a difference from then to now? Thats for the readers to find out. Is there a difference in me from then to now? Not really, other than the fact that now i seem to be perpetually busy and tired. No, no. This post isnt going to crib about anything. Blogging had been a fad some weeks earlier. As expected, it died out and no one even seems to have noticed the demise. Good actually. Many have other and better things to do than just plainly chronicle their daily life in not so interesting details.
Was dining at a restaurant yesterday along with ravi and tejo. A form of relaxation after two days of 'showcasing'. Waiting for the waiter, i and ravi somehow suddenly started playing hockey. How? The knives were our sticks and the goals were the salt and pepper tins(couldnt recollect a better noun for that thing) and the ball was what is called generally as soap (not the bathing kind nor the television kind). I am not sure if it indeed is called what i think it is called, anyways, it did serve well as a ball. The game couldnt be completed as our wait ended a trifle sooner than i would have liked. So as not to be accused of hiding some details, let me also mention that ravi was leading. :D
What is this relationship between work and sleep. When some work confronts you, sleep attempts to capture you unawares from behind. So what does it result in? You kicking away the work and going away with sleep on a dream date. :D.
Well, got to go now, my date is waiting for me....