Thursday, August 31, 2006

End of the month?

On the night before I was to leave for southampton, I lay in bed thinking about the next day and realised that it would be exactly a month since I have graduated .. and as I went back on the months I realised the significance of the ends of the months!! So here it goes ...

31st jan - 1st feb -- the deadline for my paper (which somehow got accepted :D)
28th feb - 1st march -- I sent my application to Univ Delaware (which sent me an admit in less than 10 days .. my first admit)
31st march - 1st april -- Batch trip (in which I played a considerable role) and Farewell (in which the only role I had to play was precariously hold a burning candle while everyone else was doing the same and jostling each other on the stage ;)) )
29th april - 1st may -- My last chance of a phd admit vanishes ...
29th may - 1st june -- ........ (I dont remember anything significant .. was totally vella at that time ... maybe I slept without a break on those days :-? )
29th june - 30th june -- I am informed that I am being offered a fully funded phd seat (yayy \:d/)
29th july -- I am officially a Bachelor (of Technology i.e :D)
29th aug -- I reach Southampton (thankfully since no child cried and therefore they didnt divert the plane because of a perceived 'security threat' :D)
So lets watch out for Sept 29-30 (incidentally thats the time of the 'international students induction programme' at the univ )


Anonymous said...

phd? yuck!

kunal said...

I had something similar going on, but that was like 3rd-7th of every month... Details cannot be and will never be disclosed :P

Anonymous said...

u`ll be hit by female dodos ;)