Thursday, August 24, 2006

Soon to go .. all set? No .. no

Well, as I am supposed to join my programme on Sept 1st, am I all set to go, you may ask. And I wont be able to answer!!

On which date am I flying and on which airlines? Not sure yet :-ss
Will I be receieved at Heathrow and taken to Southampton? Strong No.
So, do I know where to go and how to go? Not totally sure yet.
Do I have a place to stay? Have I been allocated accommodation yet? Nope .. not yet.
Well, when is the induction program? Maybe that will help me settle down? Its at end of sept .. yeah after a month there .. because, the actual semester starts in Oct!!
Anyway, has all my shopping been done? Not really, I cant do much shopping since I cant take much stuff anyway!! Will have to buy most of the stuff there :-s
Well well, so have I at least learnt cooking etc? Hope so, havent tested yet!
Do I know how much money to take and have I got it ready in Travellers cheques and all? Nope .. I dont know how much to take .. so nothing done on that front either.
Have I set up everything at home so that my folks can easily and cheaply keep in touch with me? Nope .. all that I bought dont seem to work :((
Finally, at least are all my papers ready? Almost, the medical ones are yet to be ...

You may be aghast at the state of things .. but dont worry! As always, I will do everything at the last minute (in this case the last week) and it shall all turn out just fine!! [-o< ... 2 cheers for optimism !!


kunal said...

I remember a joke I read somewhere...

Three people are confronted with a very very thick book, about 3000 pages... And they are asked how long will they take to study it...
The doctor says, "About one month"
The lawyer says, "About 20 days"
The engineer (or better a IIIT graduate) asks, "When is the exam?"

Sreejith said...

Get all the paperwork done as soon as possible. Never ever trust the bureaucracy. All the best.

Karan said...

hey.. vrs d party u promised :P

abbulu said...

@ mythalez :
One of my cousins was searched to the last piece of his body parts :( for some terrorist weapons. SO pls be careful.
In case u carry pickles, deos,etc., they will be thrown away at the airport due t the terrorist fear :( Better not to buy them

Sameera said...

hmm thanks for dropping by my blog...

we have gokul in common :)

and good luck for ur journey

TOR Hershman said...

As Davy Crockett said,
"I was NEVER lost.
But once I was a tad confused for 'bout 3 days."

Stay on Groovin' Safari,
TOR Hershman

mythalez said...

@kunal, quite true aint it?

@sreejith, well am there now .. safe and sound :D

@karan, i came to insti so many times .. where were u hiding !!

@abbulu, they put such a limit on the luggage size and weight that i practically couldnt take anything !!

@sameera, thanks for the luck .. needed it .. and yeah we hav swathi in common too

@tor, ur first visit eh? howz the blog??