Thursday, August 17, 2006

Today's news

A plane on way from London to Washington was made to land at Boston because some 3 passengers allegedly got into an altercation with the crew. After the flight landed, the whole luggage was dumped on the tarmac, arranged into a rows and columns. Then sniffer dogs were made to go around them all ... All because some irate passengers were unruly on the plane!!

South African cricket team abandons the tri-series in Sri lanka because a bomb went off a few kilometers from their hotel of which the Pakistani high commissioner was the intended target. The Indians are totally unpertubed by the suppposed dangerous situation and have nonchalantly agreed to play a 3 match bilateral series with the disappointed hosts.

Top nuclear scientists of India have expressed their reservations about the controversial nuclear deal and the PM has assured them that their views will be considered.
The UPA govt's attempt to undo its best act till now- the RTI, has come in for lot of opposition from the people with some notable social leaders (atleast one) even going on a fast.

Iran organises an holocaust cartoon competition in retaliation to those controversial danish cartoons.

The President dedicates four paragraphs of his independence day speech to Jeevan Vidya!! Many IIITians wonder why ...


Anonymous said...

Hopefully british airlines would allow you to be inside. Just in case google for " airlines which allows dodos in planes". It's hilarious to see the google advice well.

he he

Su said...

now uve become a newsreader?
as if i dont read the paper evryday??
u simply suck!

L3st4T said...

WTF was that.
Yeah really U suck.

mythalez said...

@anony, i m not goin by british airways :P ..

@su, I m reporting important news, with a common thread underlyin them all .. too complex for u :P

@l3st4t, it was strange and unique :D