Sunday, August 13, 2006

My myth all is tales

"Is it myth-all-is? Is it my-tales?? No it is my-tha-lez" (The first separation courtesy sreejith, the next, pranav). Every visitor to this blog at some point of time would have wondered what 'mythalez' actually meant. I have often been bombarded with this question. Everytime, I tell someone my messenger id, I can actually see the question forming in their mouth "but what does it mean??". The net savvy among my readers (which must be all of them!!) would have most probably googled the word in their quest for an answer. Alas they would have been faced with the bitter fact that all the results were either pointing to this blog or to the comments I have written somewhere. Some people after a lot of perseveration by repeatedly pestering me would have come to know about the origins of this word. I do wonder how many of them actually understood. Anyways, today I set myself upon this task of explaining the origins of the famed 'Mythalez' -

Once upon a time, in my second year at IIIT, before I had even created a yahoo id for myself, I used to play this game called 'Age of Mythology' a lot. Everyone who ever played age would understand that the villagers utter some sounds when you click on them. So in AOM in my favourite greek civilisation, the villager when clicked would utter 'prosthagma' and then when it is ordered to dig some gold, by clicking on a gold mine, would squeak 'mythalez'. Yeah people, that is the genesis of your dear 'mythalez'.

So the next question that arises is, what does it mean?? I frankly confess that I have no idea. I assume it is greek and maybe it means 'gold'. It may even mean 'the devil' .. who knows :-?? .


Badrinath. S said...

the word is metales/metalefs. remember reading in some random forum. if what i remember is right, it means "miner" or something in greek.

in the game, it refers to the guy who, literally, is a gold-digger.

hmm.... now, isnt that interesting? :P

Sleeper said...

teutons is my fav civ. in age and guess what they speak my name when i ask them to do something :P

Db :p said...

so finally u reveal the story behind ..
nice to know after long time..

Sreejith said...

Not fair... not fair! i demand an acknowledgement. After all if i hadnt pestered you with this question you wouldnt have blogged about it. I even helped you by searching babelfish not to mention shakti :P

btw do u plan to move to "metales" now that u know the correct usage :))

Kelvin said...

You are all wrong - I think he had gout and was in pain, having to dig for gold. Well thats my story anyway from down under in New Zealand. It's been a while since I have visited here !!!

Kelvin said...

oooppp's link don't work. I'll give it another try
Krazy Kelvin

mythalez said...

@badrinath, thanku for all the info .. so am a gold digger now ? :D

@sleeper, ahan .. do they say 'sleeper' or ur actual name (which i dont know)

@dp :p, yeah its nice to tell too :D

@sreejith, ur name has been mentioned in the post, but whatever, i say again, "this post wouldnt have been possible if not for sreejith's incessant pestering about my name" :P and it shall always remain 'mythalez' for me .. the name is almost legendary now ;)

@kelvin, u mean he was shouting out in pain?? Btw, welcome back to the blog >:D<

Su said...

who the 'foobar' cares what it means?