Thursday, July 02, 2009

day15 - adieu to literature review

so finally, this pestering chapter has been done for now. fitted in two papers of my external examiner in some way - no criticism but stating how it is not particularly useful in my context. also wrote up the paragraphs surrounding the major sections - you know, those that state what the sections contain and then summarise what the section contained :P. also wrote the final summary section of the chapter.

then compiled them all using the proper thesis formatting, the correct cls file and all. i had compiled and sent the earlier chapter using some random article format, but Nr is insisting he gets to look at this stuff in the correct format only. by the way, the dvi to pdf and the ps to pdf converters on my fedora are screwed up. they always tend to push up the contents and make the top margin almost disappear. i hate them, still use them, by hacking the cls file.. tch tch

gave this chapter a read through and sent it over to N{r,j}.


U-lol_Suck-lol said...

first lol comment lol again lol

obelix said...

Damn U-lol_Suck-lol - beat me to it

I wonder how many days can I keep commenting

todays captcha - fingshi

thread said...

i also wonder... when i'll get a life

mythalez said...

@U-lol_Suck-lol lol indeed

@obelix, thanks for keeping me updated .. fingshi sounds like fengshui

@paccha, when u get a wife perhaps? :P