Friday, July 10, 2009

day23 - example has been set free !!

am too tired now to blah much on this post. did work all day, without distractions (chatting doesn't count as a distraction) or procrastination. so, a few points

a reasonable, sensible looking, hopefully passable example scenario has been come up with, explained in all the relevant places with all the required twists and turns in the introduction and the third chapter.

the said example has been accompanied by xfig aided eps+tex files aka diagrams to display the twists and turns more effectively.

second version of the introduction aka chapter 1 and first version of the organisation modelling chapter aka chapter 3 have been sent over to Nr and Nj. Nr is only supposed to look at chapter 3 while Nj is supposed to look at both as he hasnt looked at chapter 1 earlier. so its 2nd version will be commented by him only. or so is the plan.

now i sleep. have a meeting with Nr and Nj in 10 hours.


obelis said...

if your thesis is open source why not post what you write here.

i'm sure everyone who reads the blog would be interested in reading it.

my curiousity for one is piqued.

todays captcha - copaiti

skp said...

I came !
I read !
I yawn !

captcha: gryamdtta ! sounds mythology, no wonder

mythalez said...

@obelix, yeah right ! :P

@pati, and i yawn in tandem :P