Tuesday, July 07, 2009

day20 - it is all a bit 'haunty'

so started work a bit more sincerely today. and to reward my sincerity, the progress was painstakingly slow. started work on chapter 3 aka Modelling Agent Organisations aka Agent Organisation Framework and so on (yet to decide on the title). almost all the the work today involved following steps:

€ read a section/subsection from minithesis and corresponding part in the workshop paper
€ copy from workshop paper and paste in the file (file is basically a copy of the chapter file from the minithesis).
€ modify as and where required.
€ ignore and sidestep the paragraphs refering to the examples and highlight this fact and the pending jobs with some eye-catching CAPS and ====s.
€ repeat for next section/subsection.

all of it is done except for the examples and the pseudocode for the algorithms. the examples will take a lot of time, a lot lot of time. especially since, am yet to come up with a nice, strong convincing scenario to use as a basis for all the examples in the thesis.

at home after dinner, started working a bit on the introduction chapter by trying to answer the questions and justifications asked by Nr. gave up soon enough, having been flustered and exasperated with an increasing air of helplessness. ;)


obelix said...

hang in there. general advice - i'd be specific but have never written a thesis before :)

and i could get used to being the first chap to comment here. muhahaha.

todays captcha is finess which is surprising

thread said...

I apologize for failing to comment on ur previous post.

skp said...

the only way i cud relate is .. me too use =======s for places to get back to to ...

i got corses ...

mythalez said...

@obelix, hanging .. just dont need a hangman :P

@paccha, apology denied :P

@pati, ==='s are always prominent arent they? and corses is just a "p" away from corpses .. omen?