Thursday, July 09, 2009

day22 - time for examples to brew

so the main job for today was to come up with a proper compelling, all aspects encompassing example of an application system that would require my model and then the adaptation methods to make it perform its tasks better. anyway, given the complicated system that i deal with, any example tends to be long winded and abstract.

and my extraordinarily poor exemplifying skills and strong exasperation towards such tasks make this job even harder. anyway, thanks to a labmate, who threw some ideas at me as i appeared to go bonkers with irritation, i think i have a reasonable example, just enough to gain a grudging okay from Nr. but then, i didn't write it up in the introduction or in chapter 3.

the day passed away before i even knew it. some days are short lived .. they just rush past you as if they are frightened by the night and don't want to risk being caught by it. did that make sense?? :P


thread said...

no it didn't make sense.. leave the verbosity to pranav -v -v -v

obexli said...

no. it doesn't make sense. but someone slightly drunk would think of it as enlighetning

todays captcha gewdign

skp said...

lot of details missing .. cough cough ...

captcha is a typo, semoness

Anonymous said...

when is this series going to end :D ?

mythalez said...

@paccha, +v +v +V

@obelix, obexli eh .. is that someone slightly drunk, u? :P

@pati, kuch lete kyun nahin? :P

@anonymous, when the thesis writing ends obviously :P