Friday, July 24, 2009

temporary break

no, i did not miss out posting about this yesterday. there was nothing to post! thesis writing has been put temporarily on hold. so we stop this phase at day33. next phase might begin after 2 weeks!!

until, the blog will be back to its normal duty. that would mean rare posts and completely non work related posts :P.


Anonymous said...

got bored, eh?

sharath said...

you've done a weeks work in 33 days.. :P.. and on top of that you take a break.. :D.. wah re phd student.. :P

thread said...

u suck

Anonymus Jubiliantus said...

jumping on chair ification

the torture has stopped, so what if its temporary. its atleast stopped for now!


aprameya said...

i'd comment but why


mythalez said...

@anonymous, lol no .. mid-thesis vacation thats all ;)

@sharath, a "true" phd student ;)

@thread, and u fork? :P

@anonymous-jubiliantus, alas it has resumed :P

@aprameya, not as obelix u say? :P