Tuesday, July 14, 2009

day27 - chapter 4 has begun

and then we have some days, in which i start working soon after i reach the lab, and the work gets quickly done, and no procrastination at all except for the sleepy period after lunch, and all the expected work for the day gets done much before the time you expected it to be done!!

the day started with the decision to vanish chapter 5. well not exactly, but to merge it with chapter 4 so that now my thesis will have only 6 chapters. and of this merged chapter, more than half of it was completed today. ofcourse, it mainly involved merging and copying from minithesis and the journal paper, but still it was work and was done well. yes, am a glad soul for the day :P.

for a brief part, had to look at my code to identify the exact utility functions i was actually using. that was a scary time. i think i am quite relieved that i won't have to deal with this code anymore :D. that says a lot about my programming etiquette eh :D.

so, can we finish chapter 4 tomorrow? remember, by the original scheme, this would have meant finishing both chapters 4 and 5 ;). oh the funny part of this incomplete chapter 4 is that, i have finished the second half of it. the first half is actually waiting for its turn :D


thread said...


obelix said...

i wish i'd get such days.

captcha: inicatic

HalleY said...

Oh no not again

skp said...

just woke up, i need nicotine ...
sounds like spam ain't it ?

Dreamcatcher said...

I always feel sleepy after lunch. I wonder if it's psychological. I feel sleepy even on the days I haven't had lunch.

mythalez said...

@paccha, yes thats the last letter of the alphabet

@obelix, such days are not so common :P

@halley, wat is the pain? :P

@pati, worse than spam :P

@dreamcatcher, yes, very psychological it is! but a bit physiological as well ;)