Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Another Trip...a longer one this time

Didnt go out of hyderabad for three years and then i go twice in a fortnight. Thats what is called random distribution. This trip was a much longer than the previous one. Took more than four days, had to go all the way to Bhubhaneswar and back. It is only the second time that i had to wait in a station for four hours for a train! The last time, some 10 years ago, i strongly recollect that the culprit was the same Falaknuma Superfast Express. Reached the destination some six hours behind schedule. As usual, i slept through the journey. Couldnt keep my eyes open. Ofcourse, the fact that my temperature was a little on the higher side also contributed to it. Reached BBSR and were taken to my Cousin's house, the one whose marriage was to take place. Soon got sick of hearing how thin i was. Had to gulp down four rosogullas as soon as i reached. All my protests were met with 'how thin you are'... Strangely, i found that everyone excluding me looked fat! I guess they viewed it the other way round. The bridegroom, that is my cousin is a nice looking six-footed 30 yr old Doctor. But the bride was actually 6 days younger to me!! Isnt 10 years too big a gap?? Another factor that could add to their communication gap is that while my cousin knows telugu barely, she doesnt know either hindi or oriya, only telugu. Presently they were conversing in English!!! Arranged marriage...hmm
Many were remarking that it's my brother's turn next...:-S
Cant help comparing the food i had on both the trips. While I had excellent Andhra fare on the previous trip, i had to eat mish-mash sort of stuff on this one. All the curries bore an uncanny resemblance and their ingredients seemed to be all the available vegetables. Reminded me of our great student-controlled-IIIT mess. :(
So i returned today after a few hectic days. Well no respite here either. I was totally busy from the time i stepped foot into the institute. I am lucky to have a break now. Thanks to our director who is too busy to discuss our project today. Looks like work was waiting for me. :((. I am unable to find any free time in the coming days either. Will have to go now...Hey what was i supposed to do now?? Better make a list right now -
Tonite -
Newspapers Sponsorships
STDM project discussion.
Tomorrow -
A class in the morning, i heard rumours about a open book test :( The problem is not that there is a test (am not going to prepare or anything) but that i dont even have the textbook. By the way, what is the textbook? Havent yet seen it :D, I hope IIIT profs dont blog. :-S
Meeting with Camel soon after the class reg STDM project.
Meeting the director immediately after that (today's was postponed right?)
Another class (Will not attend, hopefully)
Another class immediately after that (Have to attend, since i need to take it. :D )
And then the clock will toll 4:30 pm :)