Saturday, December 11, 2004


It took a long time to load this page. By the way, should i change my template? Make it different and not use these ready-made ones? Nah, who will go through the trouble. Of course, if anyone else is willing to do it for is a different matter...
Anyways, this is a frustrated person typing here. Frustrated due to a lot of unnatural causes. It started in the morning and hasnt ended yet. As if my own personal frustration wasnt enough, some other people met me and reeled on about a few things adding to my burgeoning frustration. A little of frustration it started with, and has become huge now. Is there no end to this? I feel helpless. And irritated. And a lot more. Also am totally disappointed by the attitude of the people. Of my own attitude too. Frustration and disappointment go hand in hand. And the person to whom those hands belong....someone help him!

Not always i had
this wonderful thought.
not good, not bad
nothing it brought.

A decent amount
of a little thought
may accidentally bring out
something cold, something hot.

What am i saying
You have no idea
The city Seoul being
the capital of South Korea

Lying far away in the far east
South of its brother North.
They were once the same
they still are, just with a different name

But why should i talk about them
There is no reason
So strange, so out of season
so let me try, another exhibition

Looking around, searching the area
my mind fails to grasp a single idea
So i try vigorously again
is this poem, a C program without a main?

It may have various functions
and also a lot of declarations
but do i need to mention
without the main, there is no compilation

When you are a little down
a lot of attempts are made
to push you downer and downer
so that you totally fade

As you grapple harder
with the fear looming
and shout murder murder
you find the yourself dooming

yes, I can use words
that do not exist
because sooner they will
come into our midst

word for word, rhyme for rhyme
paisa for paisa, dime for dime
dollar for dollar, rupee for rupee
can I be more absurdy?

I guess not............