Friday, December 31, 2004

Going home.......

Again...yes. Will return at the restart of the sem. Did some good work in my project yesterday (actually day-before-yesterday). Worked hard today morning but it was an unsuccesful idea. Need better ideas.........
Went to school on Christmas day. That is the annual alumni meet. Alumni meet! Our class contained only 40 students and we were just the 5th batch. So, its pretty evident the number of alumni that we have:D. Anyway 100 people showed up. Couldnt recognise most of the people. The only people i seem to remember are our immediate senior batch. Ofcourse, my class too. I wont forget them. Was able to recognise most of the immediate juniors but couldnt recollect their names. Well what else can you expect if you had the minimal interaction that is possible. Going to these meets every year doesnt seem to be helping either. The achievements of the alumni were a few jobs and mostly seats in good institutions. Good institutions would translate to national institutions in Engineering and any institution offering Mbbs. And all such succesful persons were asked to share a few words. My friend's advice was - 'dont study much.' This advice was given to those who are experiencing hell-on-earth in those famed corporate intermediate colleges. I was more restrained and just told them to enjoy whatever they did. I dont think anyone listened to it anyway.

"The people of this country survive on hope and hype" ..... now who could be the contributor of this quotation??

Notice : This is the last post on this blog.
in the year 2004 AD i.e.

How am i going to ring-in the new year?
By doing one of my favourite things.....Sleep.
Btw, Happy New Year!