Saturday, December 18, 2004

Back.....just temporarily

so, dont worry, i will go back soon. Actually tomorrow morning. Dont worry again. I ll be back next week. And will stay for some time. Its really lonely here. With the population having dwindled to one-tenth of the usual, it has to be lonely i guess. I am still stuck with the problem. Have no idea what i am going to do. The actual problem is actually very simple. The cause is also very simple. Lack of proper work on my part and my project partners in the preceding sem. It has now landed me in a soup. Then i had two others also to share my work. And in the whole sem what we actually accomplished comes to some 15% of what is the total work required. Now, a few days back, just before i went home, i found out that i need to complete the rest 85% by feb 1st. And the deadline cant be extended because it is in no one's hands. :((
Well, if it had been clear what i needed to do, maybe i could accomplish it. But, i have no idea what the 50% of the 85% should be. I have no idea whatsoever. To top it all of, i am alone now. What can be worse? Yeah, my project guide has no idea about my present predicament. I dare not let him now. I m in really really deep deep deep mess. With no way out. Quite a pessimist, am i not?

I felt like writing a poem. Wrote two lines. They sucked so much that i abandoned the effort and hastily deleted the two lines :D

There was a time
when all was well
the clock would chime
and ring would the bell

The people worked hard
faithfully and happily
there wasnt a soul sad
everything was just jolly

Then came the dark clouds
A large army descended
harsh and cruel crowds
everything now, they commanded

With the dark clouds
came the white shrouds
people started to fear
frightened to even come near

they hid in their homes
their farms withered away
the whole village mourns
the price they had to pay

Price that they paid
for not being prepared
for what befall them
no army had they ever reared

Suffering quietly they waited
waited for a saviour
a saviour they waited
with a lot of fervour

Soon they gave up hope
started to live again
accepting the fate, learning to cope
the freedom, a dream remain

I will end the poem here, a sad ending to reflect my sad mood :D:D
Will some one please title my poems ??? Pleaeaeaeasssseeeeee. Or maybe they arent even worth to be titled? I guess so. Atleast i wouldnt spend time on it. :D
So this blog officially ends here.
Unofficially, the two lines i initially wrote without an iota of thought were -
A flickering light i dont even :)