Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tragedies everywhere......

Yes...i am back again..another short stay. Have been watching and reading about the Disaster a lot. Feel very bad. The jump in the numbers is really shocking. And then if you consider that each of those that make up those numbers is not just a dead person but a great numbing loss to a family, most probably a poor one, its really really ...what can i say. And then comes the fact of the rescue operations. A massive rescue operation is underway. Mass graves are being dug! A lot of people are still missing. And a lot of people will be missed forever. And what can we do? A small monetary contribution at the maximum. People go on about their lives. Reading the news as they would any other. Maybe sometimes discuss the tragedy with their friends, make a small contribution, rarely. Yeah, relief organisations have rushed to the affected areas, aid has been rushed etc etc. But, thats it. A few voluntary workers are facing the hardships which they neednt face and helping those who had to face the consequences of a small hiccup of this mother earth. The most tragic part is that most of the people who are suffering are so poor that they had to struggle for their daily existence even before the waves turned murderers. Those same waves, to see which, to experience which, to enjoy which people have travelled half way across the world and ended up at Thailand and Sri lanka.
A lot of things i found to distaste. One being that the news people report that some 10,000 are dead in Srilanka and then in the same breath say that some 40 tourists are missing in Thailand. Not just that, they also covered a story about a tourist stranded there who is planning to wait a few more days and make something of his supposed vacation. Okay, maybe they need other stories than just dead numbers, but i feel that, maybe i imagine a difference in the way the news is reported about the dead fishermen and the dead tourists.
Anyways, what am i doing about it, the disaster i mean. Nothing. Maybe filling some blogspace and also spending some of my time reading about it. None of these actions is going to be of any benefit to those out there. At this moment, i wonder, why do people have wars and riots, shouldnt those energies be better utilised in fighting against the evil side of nature? Ofcourse, but that doesnt mean that the people would drop their guns and trishuls. Nothing is going to change. Yeah, other than the duration of the day (according to some news).