Wednesday, December 01, 2004 do i need to think of a title?

I got a C in English Literature! Initially was given a B (why???) and then the great rules of the administration here made it C. They allege that my attendance is 68%. As far as i remember, i didnt miss more than four classes. Of that, three were because i had to attend MAS. So i just missed one class voluntarily. Actually, it wasnt voluntary either. The previous night, i had slept at 5 am, (early morning it should be called i guess) and i wasnt able to wake up in time for the class. Well, that means that i never willingly missed an English class yet my attendance precentage is 68 and hence my grade was brought down by two. The question that may rise in your mind is when i didnt miss classes, how come i have just 68%? Well, a lot of factors went into that. First of all each class contrbutes more than 3% of the 100%. Hence missing four classes itself brings it closer to the danger area. Added to that, he didnt use to take attendance in all the classes. Even when he took, i wasnt marked present since i was as usual late by a few minutes. Disregarding all the attendance too, there was only one A and 3 A- out of the 35 or so students. We get better grades in any IT course. What is the problem with these people?? Well, in other courses, many people who got A were given F!! What the hell is the problem with these people? If a person is able to perform well without even attending the classes, then why should he be given F? Actually he should be given A+.
Rest of what i wanted to say will be told later...