Thursday, December 09, 2004

A title is what should have been here

A strange ...i dont know what. I am writing this post since sleeping at 3:30 am did not appeal to me. :D Neither did it appeal to Su. He is awake too. Well, this post should have some real content. Well, lets see....seeing.......seeing......couldnt find anything. Sorry, but this post will not buck the trend. Watched a few episodes of Wonder Years today. I remember that show being aired on TV long back, but never really watched it then. Saw a season at a stetch. It was fun initially but later somehow got boring. Some episodes gave the impression that the children (in US) are concerned only about the guy/gal they want to go steady with. This 12 yr old, the protagonist, is confused about his relationships blah blah. So which system is better? There, where you are considered despicable if you dont have a girlfriend/boyfriend, or here where it is not so common to have one. There it gets too complicated, peer pressure affects you a lot regarding it, will have to face major disapointments quite early etc and here, where sometimes you may just wish that you were there and not here. Hmmm
A few more days left for the official holidays to begin. They will be preceded with the sports days and the Amalgam - a cultural event.
Really need to start working on the rescue thing, now that i am alone, it could be tougher. But then again, what is the point of it all? Does anything really make a difference? Make a difference in what? What is actually relevant to a person? Does that person know? How would he know? How can anyone decide his priorities?? But why should a person even care about his priorities etc. Then what should a person care about? Okay, will stop this questioning session. These questions succeed in doing nothing.
Actually heard from people about a talk that they attended today. Apparently the speaker went on trying to prove how good india was in the past, how it was on top, how it was ahead in many aspects etc. We always hear it. That this person has said that India should be commended for its contributions like 0, numerals etc, Or that India was one of the first places with the city structures (Harappa stuff). All that is fine. India was great in the past. Was at the top of the world. Most developed, i agree. But i just feel that, instead of gloating about the past greatness, we should think about what can be done to improve its present state. Hey, i am speaking like a leader in some public meeting. :D
Actually, wanted to write about something else too, but have forgotten it due to the disturbance caused by chatting. So i guess, this is the end of this post.


Anonymous said...

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