Tuesday, June 30, 2009

day13 -- ominous, it has been!!

no work was done over the weekend i.e day11 and day12 keeping in with the low expectations.

started relating the work by reading through the chapter2 of the mini-thesis written 15 months ago and modifying it where required, which wasn't much. ofcourse, a few references have to be added and discussed, but these were present in the recently written papers, so it isn't particularly hard. precisely, the reason why this has to be the easiest chapter to write now.. ofcourse at the time of writing the minithesis, this was one of the hardest chapters to write.

stopped towards the end of the chapter, where most of the additions have to be made .. yes, once again, i leave the toughest part of the work for the next day!

oh yeah, Nr came back to me with his comments on the "Introduction" or chapter1 and they were many... very very many .. and given that it was just a merger and composition of already written/published/approved introductions, it is amazing that he could still manage to come up with so many questions. the "unending deathly spiral of reviewing" as has been proclaimed by skp. it seemed like a deliberate action on Nr's part to further dampen my already dipping enthusiasm .. yet i persisted and shall persist! so say we all ;)


skp said...

dude please do not use my million dollaraa quotes and phrases without my permission.

GRANT ALL on * TO "mythalez@phd";

there u go ...

Anonymous said...

procrastination is a quality that is taught to us as soon as we step in any college.. with two universities, you have double the experience for it :D .. no matter what the issue, it can always be postponed..

and lol @ skp :P

mythalez said...

@skp, thanks a lot dude .. u and ur deeds shall be mentioned in the acknowledgments on this blog :P

@kunal, procrastination is something we learn through experience more than being taught ;) yep, phd students are masters in that art, if not doctorates :P