Tuesday, June 02, 2009

regular stuff that i never bought!

as i was tweeting about my new mp3/fm player being the first ever music player that i have bought, i realised that i haven't bought many regular accessories/instruments that are found with most people, even including me. so, as a means of procrastinating work and making the imminent deadline tougher to meet, i shall now rant about the stuff i never bought :P

£ laptop: never bought one. the one i have been using since the past 2 and 1/2 years is a tiny cute 11 inch, 1.3 kg weighing sony vaio that had been abandoned by my supervisor almost 4 yrs ago and went out of production around that time as well! ofcourse i also have a desktop at home which, again, has been brought from the lab! :P

£ fuel-powered vehicle: never owned one. infact the only vehicle, of any kind, i ever owned or bought was a bicycle 2 years ago. and that has been lying unused since 1yr 8 months :D.

£ camera: never owned one either. all the photos of my various trips have come about from others cameras or, rarely, from my mobile phone.

£ mobile phone: coming to mobile phones, i never bought one either! not that i don't have one. i have been using mobiles since almost 5 years. the first two mobiles were handed down from my brother (advantages of having a electronics-wise-spendthrift big bro ;) ) whenever he bought a new one for himself. the third and current one, which i have been using since 2.5 years was obtained for free with a service contract :P. the contract has ended a long time ago, but i never bothered to upgrade to a new phone either :-s.

£ video-games player: never had any of any kind! so, no PS or wii or xbox or gameboy or whatever for me. ever.

£ wrist watch: in fact, not just a wrist-watch, i surprisingly never bought any kind of time piece for myself. i have used quite a few wrist-watches, at least until mobiles made them almost redundant. the first one that i had as a kid was, again, handed down from my brother when he graduated to more fancier ones :P. the second one was won by me through some newspaper slogan writing contest. ironically, that had nokia branded on it! and that was more than 10 years ago! perhaps they entered the indian market by sponsoring my prize :P. the third one was won by me at an inter-school quiz contest. the fourth one, which i still use on flights (since mobiles need to be switched off) was given at RoboCup2005 in japan. no, this wasn't the prize, this was given to all participants. but i guess, direct utility wise, it has been more useful than the glassbox prize that i won :P. finally, the other wrist-watch i currently possess has been gifted by my brother (not handed down this time! :D)

£ music player: yeah, never owned or bought any kind of music player. never bought a tape recorder or a cd player or a walkman or an ipod and other appley stuff or a mp3 player or even a simple radio! until now. finally, have a tiny mp3/fm player. the ageing mobile phone, with a dying battery, will not be used for music-on-the-move anymore!!

oh yeah, next post has to be about my recent awesome trip ... has to be ... but will it?


Vandana said...

No, you are not going to post about your conf. trip :P

karanatiiit said...

Dude.. Have you ever bought anything? :P

Sunil said...

maybe in the next post you can rant about the things you actually bought :)

Dreamcatcher said...

All hand-me-downs. This is what happens to younger siblings :P

rahul said...

Looking things your way, I too never bought anything. My parents got everything for me

Vivek said...

Things you did purchase - The longish green checked short along with the creamy t-shirt which you used to wear and hop around in.

now just don't ruin it by saying that your mom got it for you :P

Su said...

You suck!

Disgruntled date said...

You never paid for dinner that night we went out. Have you ever paid for dinner?

thread said...

@su: +1
@disgruntled date: did u srsly expect an extinct bird to pay for dinner?

mythalez said...

@vandana, proved wrong :P

@karan, err, a computer?

@sunil, it won't be a big enough list to warranty a post :P

@dreamcatcher, hehe .. but it is useful ;)

@rahul, but they only paid the money right, while here, i haven't even chosen the things

@vivek, thats not electronic or vehicular :P

@su(ck) ? :P

@disgruntled date, maybe we should go out again to make up for that? :P

@paccha, :P

luxury watches said...

Nice, don't buy and pay any thing

obelix said...

wtf i did not comment here?