Wednesday, June 17, 2009

day1 - deadlines before we start

it is just past lunch, but i am already logging my efforts towards the thesis for today? well, that is because i know for sure that i won't be doing any more thesis work for the rest of the day.
what did we accomplish:

£ had the meeting with the primary supervisor (lets refer to him as Nr from now on), the secondary supervisor (henceforth referred to as Nj) was away to some conference and hence wasn't present.
£ discussed prospective completion dates = sept?
£ the chapter division of the thesis = 7 chapters, as expected
£ prospective internal examiner = the same one who examined the minithesis and the 9month reports
£ prospective external examiner = Nr suggested one guy (whom he knows to be a reasonable person in this regard) and asked me to learn about him and state if I have any "violent objections" regarding him.


skp said...

wow this is gonna be fun ! I will have a piece of writing to be flamed every day .... lets start with that tom..

thread said...

comment spamming is acceptable, but posting crap is not.

Anonymous said...

make a twitter account called "thesistracking" and use that for the updates.. I think you may hit the fame that PhD comics have attained with that twitter account.. :D

mythalez said...

@skp, so? starting ?

@paccha, acceptable to whom? :P

@kunal, aah that means too much responsibility :P