Wednesday, June 24, 2009

day7 - finally get going

- okay, i only had a couple of hours to spare for thesis writing today. unlike yesterday, when i had the whole day at my disposal and did nothing, i did make use of these 2 hours today!

- starting trouble is always the toughest to overcome in my case. once i start, the work proceeds at a much smoother pace until that part ends and another part (like the next chapter) has to be begun. and the process repeats. desperately need ignition sparks which are generally provided by impending deadlines.

- to overcome this menace of "non-startery", i decided to focus on the easiest section in the introductory chapter-- "Thesis Structure" describing what the rest of chapters of the thesis contain :D.

- with the little momentum that was gained and the little time that was remaining, i decided on the structure and flow for the introduction chapter, and copy pasted the relevant parts from the papers/minithesis in the required order. so, they should all be edited, connected and made sensible and coherent now.

that's all for today. oh, the rest of the day was spent in the hallowed city of Oxford!


deep said...

...deadline is -ve inspiration..still,better than no inspiration at all :P

..copy-paste..i find it as best part for things like introduction & conclusions

obelix said...

i think the best motivation is last minute panic.

how you're managing to accomplish so much so early is beyond me.

and the captcha today is phydrel

the-think said...

call me crazy, but i tackle the toughest bit first. so then i have only the smaller parts for the end :)

mythalez said...

@deep copy-paste is a time tested tool .. and it is much easier when the sources are also ur own ;)

@obelix, it is not early my friend .. there r some deadlines rushing at us .. work always borders on panic :P

@persephone, well .. i have a huge starting problem .. toughest bit doesnt help it :P