Thursday, June 25, 2009

day8 - chapter one .. almost done

since the structure of the introduction was made somewhat clearer by yesterday's hurried activity, it was much easier to start work today... and i did!

began at the beginning and started playing around with the sentences and paragraphs that have been sourced from various earlier written material. had all of those files open as well. every sentence that i had to place, i would end up reading its original file to understand the context and then move it accordingly. so, it was more like a game, a sentence arrangement game. i don't think i wrote any sentence afresh!

also, created a few sections to make the progress of the motivation part of the chapter much more streamlined and effective. but i do wonder whether this kind of division into sections will pass the "Nr test" (Nr = primary supervisor). so the introduction basically contains a lot of paragraphs initially which give a motivation to the work of the thesis. next part is the 'requirements' section which precisely states what all we seek or what the objectives of the work are. that is followed by the 'contributions' section which lists what you have achieved, also including the papers published and making a case for why you deserve a PhD. and then the last part desribes the thesis structure, which i had already written yesterday.

so yeah, i was midway through the requirements section when i had to leave today. the initial motivation part is all done and that is also the toughest and is more than 3/4ths of the chapter anyway. and even if none of you believe me, i was actually so involved in the writing that i had to drag myself out and forcefully save/close the file.

once it sputters to a start .. the rest is a strong smooth flow ;) .. lets hope that starting the next chapter won't be as tough.


thread said...

congrations, you have achieved the impossible! this post is even more boring than the last one.

obelix said...

i wonder if i'll be able to comment on every single post

skp said...

I dont know abt u ! but for me adding a sentence is like punching urself in face.

I will like it when i write it, even when i read it right then .. bt when it comes back after my guide plays holi with my writing, it sounds wrong, techni-fking-cal writing ....

hence, just like a code, writing is not about adding sentences but striping them off ..

mythalez said...

@paccha, this post has been dedicated to u ;)

@obelix, though it's not a compulsion, it will be appreciated nevertheless :P

@skp, yes, no sentence, heck, no word that is not essential, should be present :P. similarly, everything that needs to be there .. has to be there .. as with everything in life, it is all abt achieving a balance :P