Friday, June 12, 2009

thoughts ...

after more than a year, i started reading a book, any book. it is a very well-known novel "immortality" by milan kundera. regardless of that, i realised how much i missed reading. due to the perennial paucity of time, i managed only 40 pages, nevertheless i was so utterly engrossed and filled with thoughts as if the inner being just woke up again from deep slumber.

of course, the author is amazing and his insights are mostly of the 'wow' kind, but its not just about that. i realised i had forgotten to think. caught up in the grinds of the quickly passing days filled with something to do or postpone all the time, i haven't been giving enough time to the so called inner self.

as i have heard before, one's thoughts are one's most private and quintessential belongings. most inseparable and absolutely unobtainable by others. at least for now, until technology finds a way i guess :).


thread said...

it's all blah

skp said...

"but its not just about that. i realised i had forgotten to think."

you mind elaborating on that ?

obelix said...

the last book i read was shantaram when I went home.

933 pages and I put it down just once to sleep at night.

it was after a long time after I'd read a book like that.

i guess as you grow older some of the good things go away

the-think said... remind me (once again) that i have lost the gift of casual reading. well, writing for that matter, as well.
happy to see someone reading!

Anonymous said...

good that you are back to reading..
I still think that reading is one the best and simplest pleasures of life :)

Dreamcatcher said...

One of the ills that plagues our generation? Low concentration?

mythalez said...

@paccha, ther is silly blah and awesome blah :P

@skp, think abt it ;)

@obelix, but there r somethings that we should try clinging onto .. reading is definitely among them

@persephone, well i havent read much at all ... and doesnt seem that i will be in the near future :(

@kunal, not really .. that was more like a one time exception .. am back to non-reading :(

@dreamcatcher, yes, the internet generation .. cannot read anything more than a screenpage long! :D