Monday, June 22, 2009

day6 - _________________

day4 and day5 were weekend, so no progress was expected.

day6 = today = no work what so ever. don't ask!


sharath said...

aaj kare so kal kar;
kal kare so parson;
itni jaldi kya hai yaaro;
jab jeena hai barson.. :D

Vandana said...

surprisingly your thesis-tracking posts are interesting :P

deep said...

interesting to track ur thesis..
working on the same lines so gives motivation...!!!!

mythalez said...

@sharath, lekin zindagi bhar thesis hi nahin likhte rehna hai :P

@vandana, :D keep 'tracking' them ;)

@deep, hehe .. nice nice .. u wud do well to bounce some of that motivation back to me .. desperately need it as u can see!